Evening of the best movies and TV Series by Peter Konečný / 9 February 2024

Evening of the best movies and TV Series by Peter Konečný / 9 February 2024

Year 2023 brought extraordinary works in the field of world cinematography and television production. During the film evening with Peter Konečný, we will once again imagine only the best of the modern perception of audiovisual art.

It is remarkable how this kind of creation is still evolving and looking for new ways to engage viewers saturated with the huge offer of streaming platforms. Don’t waste your time with mediocrity and ballast. Only quality gets to speak this time. And you will be accompanied by Peter Konečný, editor-in-chief of the Kinema.sk portal, co-author of the film podcast Vertigo, the online show Screener and a member of the program team of the most popular Slovak film festival Cinematik. He will introduce you to dozens of extraordinary films and series of the past months that really caught his attention. If you have already attended the Evening of the Best Films with us, then you know that it will be more of a “night”, it will be 3 hours packed with great recommendations and a stream of Peť’s engaging narration. It is good to bring something for a little hunger and a notebook. We will take care of the drinks.

Entrance fee: €7/€8 on site
Discounted student entrance fee: €3/€4 on site
Available in advance here: https://tootoot.fm/sk/events/659673eba2ec3d15b0419ccb
Duration of the event: 190 minutes

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