Real Shit Festival / 10 February 2024 from 5PM

Real Shit Festival / 10 February 2024 from 5PM

is a festival founded by a group of young people who are united by different artistic interests. It cooperates directly with cultural centers in Štiavnica and provides young people with a dramaturgically unique experience, its character gives space to independent artists who are united by different intellectual starting points and tries to capture the complex mutual journey of young authors. This unconventional confrontation strengthens the community of creative individuals who, in an informal environment, can meet other artists and gain new experiences in a city that is not just a photogenic backdrop.
Viktor is a producer from Košice and one half of the duo ZAFFER 9 (Weltschmerzen), a student of international relations and a free-time DJ; in his sets, he explores various corners of Soundcloud, proving that there is no pop track that he could not find a baile funk remix for. Krištof Budke, the founder of Swine Daily magazine, and a de-facto pioneer in playing contemporary Latin American club music in Slovak clubs, has an inseparable influence on the selection and composition of his performances behind the players.
WOC is an artistic collective consisting of three members: Samm734, Vrillton and Adam the World. Their musical style is not uniform and each of them creates a different type of music. The songs feature a wide range of genres from hyperpop to ambient to abstract rap. Thematically, they mainly focus on nostalgia and emotions.
Pexsexo is a young, just-starting band from Žilina, which cannot be assigned a specific genre. They mix different genres, such as shoegaze, alt rock or punk. “Each one of us listens to something completely different, that’s why we think that our band is also a little different. It will be best if you listen to us live and see for yourself that with our band, any kind of genre categorization has no meaning.”

The third Real Shit will be at Art Cafe, Akademická 2, Banská Štiavnica, on 10 February 2024.
Gate open: 17:00
Start: 19h00
Early bird:
Entrance fee on site: 12 eur

The organization of this event was supported from public funds by the Art Support Fund within the project “26 years of Art Cafe”.

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